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 At the end of April 2016, the ministry of Community West will come to an end after 2 years of wonderful generosity, volunteering and ministry to families in Corona-Norco area. 

Thousands of people have benefitted both from the value priced clothing and home goods provided through the donations of community minded people. Our partners in the community have also extended the generosity of Corona families to children and adults in many ways. 

CW was able to assist so many partners who are making a difference… 

Corona Life Services’ women in crisis pregnancy with home goods for their new born children. 

 Adopt A Block has sent under-resourced families from poor areas in Corona to receive free clothing for their children. 

 Christian Art Theatre shopped for costumes and clothing for the children performing in musicals. 

 Night to Shine – Disabilities Prom shoppers came to get fitted for gowns and suits without cost. 

 Corona-Norco Rescue Mission – residents were outfitted for interviews and coached on dressing for success. 

 Inspire Life Skills – young adults who have termed out of foster care have been trained and employed to learn retail and inventory skills while they attend college. 


The stories and miracles are too numerous to share in this communication. With gratitude to everyone who participated with us, we thank God for the accomplishments. The myriad of volunteers and the joy they experienced re-purposing home goods, sorting clothing, and sharing life will always be treasured and appreciated. 

Unfortunately, with high lease rates in Southern California, we are not able to remain consistently profitable. 

We will continue to receive donations through March 19th and sharing and selling through April 15th. 

Once again, with heart-felt appreciation, we cherish every person who made this dream possible!


Doug Husen                               Amanda Genduso

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